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How Do You Stop Smell?

How to Stop Smells

There are essentially two ways to prevent smells being perceived by the olfactory senses.

The first is to prevent the volatile chemicals from reaching the olfactory receptor cells in the first place through the use of odor proof bags and the second is to mask the smell with another, usually stronger and more pleasant, odour.

The best way to prevent our senses, or the senses of other animals such as dogs, from picking up smells is to contain the smelly substance in a sealed environment, creating a barrier through which the chemicals that cause smell cannot escape.

This is best achieved by creating a vacuum or as near to a vacuum as can be achieved, in which the smell can be encased, allowing no free exchange of air with the outside.

The second method is how the majority of household air-fresheners work, by masking unpleasant smells with those considered more pleasant. The olfactory system is overcome with the appealing smell so doesnít discern the bad smell behind it. Itís the equivalent of someone whispering in your ear while another person is shouting through a loudspeaker at you.

The most effective way to prevent smells from escaping is to put the source of the smell in an airtight container or bag before adding another stronger smell over the top, i.e. to use both smell stopping methods simultaneously. This ensures that no human or animal will detect anything other than sweet smells.

Smell stoppers stock a range of products that stop smells in both of the ways listed above. From smell proof bags, to incense, to air fresheners, Smell Stoppers has the right product for your needs.




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