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Introducing Smelly Proof Bags in Black, White & Foil


Smelly Proof are a company known worldwide for their high-quality clear plastic bags featuring the sturdy grip-seal closure that keeps moisture, air and odour in, or out. Now Smelly Proof has added to the range with bags in black, white and foil, to keep light out too. These new bags are available in sizes ranging from just 8cm by 11cm (XXS), right up to the 59cm by 70cm (XXL)! All bags are sold by Smell Stoppers in singles, as well as larger packs, so you can mix and match your bag sizes, or try just one bag to see if they suit your needs.

Smelly Proof has been developing and improving their barrier resistant bags since 2000. All Smelly Proof bags are made in the USA from non-toxic, BPA Free plastic, and are medical grade, durable, reusable and exceed USDA standards for food storage.


They have multiple uses in and outside the room, from keeping smelly food items from stinking out your fridge, to hygienically disposing of used nappies/diapers, to keeping packed lunches dry and fresh, to freezing leftover sauces and soups, to keeping smelly herbs undetectable. They've even been tested with bears. The bears walked straight passed the food contained in the Smelly Proof bags. Whatever your requirements, Smelly Proof are sure to have the right bag, in the right size, for you! 

The great advantages of the new black, white and foil bags over the traditional transparent Smelly Proof bags are firstly in keeping the contents protected from the harmful effects of sunlight, and secondly in keeping them private and discreet. 

Over time, parts of the spectrum of light cause the gradual degradation in potency, colour and appearance of all organic material, whether plant or animal. This can be greatly reduced by blocking the light, prolonging the natural vigour at the cellular level. Even non-organic substances are affected by light, such as colour fading. Smelly Proof black, white and foil bags block and reflect light, so are ideal for storage longer term, and of particularly sensitive contents. 

Opaque bags are also useful if you want to keep the contents away from prying eyes, ensuring your confidentiality and security.

There are situations, of course, when you need to see the contents of the bag quickly, and easily, and on these occasions, Smelly Proof's range of see-through bags are the ideal solution.


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