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New products at Smell Stoppers

We’ve added some great new products at Smell Stoppers this month.

We now stock small Mylar heat-seal bags, mini Mylar seed bags plus customers can now purchase oxygen absorbers for our large heat-seal Mylar bags from us too.

We like to offer our customers choice as well as value, so are pleased to now stock a small Mylar bag measuring 6 inches (15cm) square. Like our other Mylar bags, it’s made from the highest quality material and is easily sealed at home with an iron. Smaller bags make it easier to store food and dry herb products in smaller quantities. You can seal many small bags, each containing different foodstuffs, within a medium or large sealed bag, offering double the barrier protection and many times the variety.

Mini Mylar Bags

We’ve also added mini Mylar grip-seal bags (3.5 inch by 4 inch, 9cm by 10cm) to our range of Smell Stoppers. These very versatile little bags offer airtight storage for the smallest of foods, herbs and spices. They’re ideal for the medium and long-term storage of herbs, spices, powdered foodstuffs, seeds and even valuables like jewellery, medals or coins. They’re black coloured on the outside to block light and have an airtight grip-seal. They can also be sealed with an iron or heat-sealer. For the ultimate barrier protection, seal a mini Mylar pouch inside a medium Mylar bag, inside a large Mylar bag. No smells will escape and no air will get in.

Mylar Pouch

The third new product this month is the 2,000cc oxygen absorber, which has been specially selected for customers wanting to store food long-term in our large 5 gallon Mylar heat-seal bags. They’re top quality oxygen absorbers that are the perfect size to suck all the oxygen out of our large bags. For more information on all our new products, see our product pages.

Oxygen Absorbers

With the continuing economic decline in the last year, often combined with food price inflation, there has never been a better time to invest in food storage solutions such as Mylar bags. They’re durable, affordable, reusable and ultimately they save you money. In countries were food price inflation and currency devaluation has already began, storing food is simply the wisest investment you can make in your future. If you live elsewhere, get in early while you still have opportunity, and protect you and your family’s future by preparing yourself.

Corn prices, for example, have increased by 28% in the last year. They hit their highest price ever in August 2012, at US $830.80 per bushel. With average wages stagnating or even falling, corn has essentially increased in value by over one quarter in just 12 months. The price of wheat has also increased by over 10% in the last 12 months. To put this into context, the price of gold, traditionally seen as a safe haven during recession, has decreased by around 1% in the last 12 months, and you can’t eat gold as the old saying goes. Now is the time to ensure a level of self-sufficiency, whether you want to store a few small bags of dry food for emergencies, or want to store enough food to last you years.


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