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What Are Smell Stopper Bags?

Smell Stopper BagsSmell Stoppers stocks a range of products that have been proven to stop smells and odours. Whether you want to safely store and preserve home grown herbs or keep food fresh and safe from predators we have the product for you.

Our Mylar Smell Stopper bags are metallised polyester resin bags that can be heat sealed with a normal domestic iron or specialised heat-sealer. Mylar was developed in the 1950s by DuPont and Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). It has many useful properties, the most important of which, for our purposes, are its gas, moisture and aroma barrier properties, as well as its high tensile strength.

When Mylar bags are heat sealed, it creates a vacuum, which as weíve read earlier, prevents the chemicals that cause smell from escaping. Even gases cannot penetrate. Mylar also reflects 99% of the light spectrum, protecting the contents from degradation by UV light.

Mylar bags are also used for the long-term storage of valuable paper documents and comic books. The US Library of Congress and the Comic Art Collection at Michigan State University both use Mylar bags to protect documents/comics from environmental conditions, such as moisture and extremes of temperature.

Mylar bags are popular in the USA, where dry and dehydrated foodstuffs such as corn, barley, rice seeds and herbs are stored long-term with no degradation in quality. If used and sealed correctly Mylar bags protect dry contents from sunlight, moisture, odour and extreme of temperature by creating an oxygen barrier from the outside world. Dry foodstuffs can be stored effectively for decades.

All our Mylar bags are top quality, USA manufactured, food safe and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We stock both zip-lock and plain bags in a range of sizes. Our zip-lock bags are heat sealable for long-term storage or can be simply zipped closed for shorter term storage. All our Smell Stoppers and Smelly Proof bags can be used and reused.

We also stock Smelly Proof bags, which are high quality clear zip-lock bags, aka baggies, in six different sizes. Smelly Proof is the market leader in clear zip-lock bags, due to their double locking zip mechanism and the durability of their material. Smelly Proof bags are not only smell proof, but also water, oil, tear and puncture resistant and reusable. Smelly Proof bags are also FDA Approved for food storage.

Our bags are suitable for a variety of uses, some of which are listed below:

Camping- Keep food fresh, dry and safe from animals. Keep matches, firelighters, electronic equipment and toiletries dry and clean. You can even use them to keep human waste, nappies/diapers and rubbish securely contained and smell proof until it can be disposed of safely.

Holidays/vacations- Our smell proof bags are ideal to take food away with you in a secure and safe way. You can isolate any strong smelling substances thus keeping the smell from the other contents of your case. When youíre at your destination they can be used to store dirty clothing, isolating them from your clean clothes and keeping bad smells out of your case.

Food storage- Our Mylar bags are specifically designed for the long-term storage of dry and desiccated foodstuffs. With food prices continuing to rise through the last 2-3 years, storing food such as corn, wheat, barley, rice, herbs and spices, can be a wise financial investment.

Fishing- Our bags are ideal for fishing trips, either to keep valuables safe and dry or to store and transport smelly bait such or to keep your catch fresh.

Clothes storage- Clothing tends to pick up unwanted smells all too easily. The barrier qualities of our Smell Stoppers bags ensure a vacuum around your clothing, keeping them fresh from cooking and other smells. Clothes remain fresh smelling for months or years. Our 5 gallon Smell Stoppers bags can safely store many kilos worth of clothing in optimum conditions.


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