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What is Smell?

How Smell Works

Smell or odour is caused by volatised chemical compounds that are perceived by our sense of olfaction, or smell.

Smells can be pleasant or unpleasant. When a smell is perceived as pleasant, such as incense,  itís referred to as perfume, scent or aroma, while a bad smell may be called a stench, reek, malodour or stink and these bad smells are what commonly sends people looking for a way to block strong odors.

All smells, whether pleasant or unpleasant, work in the same way. The chemical is perceived by olfactory receptor (OR) cells in the back of the nasal cavity. Receptors on the olfactory nerve are stimulated & the nature of the smell is discerned by the brainís limbic system from the personís experience of similar smells.

Everyoneís perception of smell and reaction to different smells is unique to them. This is why a particular perfume or incense, which is very pleasant to one individual, may be considered malodorous by the next person. Itís also why there are literally thousands of different scents on the market.

The olfactory (smell) sense of animals is in many cases superior to that of human beings. Canines including domestic dogs have a particularly acute sense of smell, which is why dogs are used in search and rescue and by the police to detect explosives, drugs and cash. Dogs have over 220 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to just 5 million in the human nose. A common question is what products are available to conceal strong smells from these dogs and there are a range of products that could be considered dog-proof bags


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